Remember The Biscuits Grandma Used To Bake?

Just close your eyes for a moment and take yourself back in time. You have just arrived at Grandma’s house and you walk in the front door to be greeted by that magnificent smell of freshly baking biscuits.

Now these are not just any biscuits. No, they are Grandma’s special biscuits from a recipe handed down to her from her mother and her mother before her.

You race to the kitchen hoping that she hasn’t washed the mixing bowl yet. It’s a treat that you absolutely love and each batch Grandma makes is different. What will it be today? And yes, there is the mixing bowl sitting on the sink! So with a quick hello and kiss for Grandma you grab the bowl and run your index finger around its delicious content. Your eyes close as you savour the taste and you wipe that bowl completely clean.

The biscuits are out of the oven now and cooling on the cake rack. You desperately want to taste one, but how many times have you been told that hot biscuits will only cause a tummy ache.

An agonizing hour later, the biscuits are ready for eating. The treat above all treats. Far better than lollies.

These are Kerrie Livingstone’s memories and now she has her Grandma’s recipes and has added a few of her own. All are brought to you in her home made biscuits from her kitchen in Healesville in Victoria.

Why not treat yourself once again to the taste of Grandma’s biscuits and order your Crumbs Gourmet Biscuits today!

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